Trying to update your settings?

To make changes to your VIA details, please login.


How to update your details


You can change your information, select your area(s) of clinical interest, opt in or out of newsletters and email communications through the my settings page.


The first step is to login:


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Once you’ve successfully logged in you’ll see a page like this: 

Screenshot of my homepage with links to my settings highlighted


You can find 'My settings' in a number of places:

  • - In a tab on ‘My homepage’
  • - In a link in the introduction text
  • - By tapping the pencil icon next to your name


Updating your preferences


You can update any of your details in my settings, including areas of interest as well as opting in or out of VIA notifications.


Emails that you agree to, are sent based on your interests, so if you’re interested in Maternal Phenylketonuria, you won’t receive information about Lipid Disorders (unless you’ve selected that too). 


Use the toggles next to each selection to opt in or out. 


Screenshot of preferences


Once you’re updated your information, remember to hit save. 

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