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The 2nd International Maternal PKU Study Event | Future Event

Following the success of the 1st International mPKU study event in Dublin 2018; Vitaflo will be running the 2nd ‘International Maternal PKU (mPKU) study event: Nutrition in mPKU’ on the 6th & 7th October 2021.

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Day 1: Wednesday 6 October 10am - 1pm BST

Maternal PKU: Known and unknown aspects
Prof. Friedrich Treftz, Germany.
Member of the European Guideline Development Group

Dietetic treatment of mPKU: Routine and complex management
Kate Lefebure, Australia.
Senior Dietitian, Metabolic Diseases Unit, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria.

Eating for two: Quality versus quantity - examining nutritional requirements
Dr. Julie Abayomi, United Kingdom.
Reader in Dietetics & Assistant Head of Applied Health and Social Care, Edgehill University, Ormskirk, Lancashire.

The nutritional needs of breastfeeding in PKU: The Irish experience
Jenny McNulty, Ireland.
Clinical Specialist Dietitian, NCIMD, CHI at Temple Street, Dublin.

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Day 2: Thursday 7th October 2021 12.30pm - 16.50pm BST

The impact of pharmacological treatment in the nutritional management for mPKU
Prof. Júlio César Rocha, Portugal.
NOVA Medical School, University Nova of Lisbon Reference Centre of Inherited Metabolic Diseases, CHULC, Lisbon.

Maternal PKU care across Europe: Impact of guidelines
Charlotte Ellerton, United Kingdom.
Adult Metabolic Dietitian, Charles Dent Metabolic Unit, University College London Hospitals.

Psychosocial Factors in Maternal PKU: Issues to consider before, during and after pregnancy
Dr. Susan E. Waisbren, PhD, USA.
Psychologist, Genetics and Metabolism Programs, Boston Children’s Hospital and Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Tailor made maternal PKU diet education
Francine Freedman, United Kingdom.
Metabolic Dietetic Assistant, Charles Dent Metabolic Unit, University College London Hospitals.

Women with PKU: Reproductive experiences and needs throughout the journey
Suzanne Ford, United Kingdom.
NSPKU Dietitian, for Adults and Metabolic Dietitian, North Bristol NHS Trust
With personal accounts from Jennifer Bullock, Frances Gavaghan, and Louise Lamaris.

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